Aww, a Chocolate Lab! Wait…

why does it have curly hair?

Baby curls

Baby curls

Mocha and her siblings are mutts. Cute, smart mutts, but there’s definitely no getting around it: their origins are nebulous. Mocha’s mother, who was rescued on the side of the road while pregnant, is by appearance either a Chesapeake Bay Retriever or a Chessie mix. Chessies have curly, oily coats to protect them from cold water. They are bred to retrieve ducks & other waterfowl.

Mommy Dog, a Chesapeake Bay Retriever

Mommy Dog, a Chesapeake Bay Retriever

 Further clues that Mommy Dog is a Chessie are her webbed feet and her deadgrass-colored coat, two trademarks of the breed.

Mommy Dog's curly rump & tail

Mommy Dog's curly rump & tail

We can only guess at the father’s breed. Because the pups were brown and black, we know the father was not a pure Chesapeake, because Chesapeake puppies are never black. Their coats are shades of brown to blend in with marshland grasses. Due to the size, shape, and personality of the pups, we suspect strong lab genes and possibly some hound dog.

Mystery Mix

Mystery Mix

Mocha’s broader features resemble those of a scent hound, such as a beagle or coon dog, while Onyx’s narrow muzzle and slightly arched back resemble those of a sight hound, such as a greyhound or borzoi.

Most people with only a cursory familiarity with dog breeds assume the pups are labs, and unless there’s a good reason to set them straight, Brian and I usually just go along with it. We’ve encountered two people who recognized Mocha as a Chesapeake.

Maury Povich paternity test, stat!

Maury Povich paternity test, stat!

Thanks to somewhat ridiculous advances in the field of genetics, we could uncover the truth of our dogs’ origins for the low low price of just $124.99. That’s right, there is now a test kit that can be purchased for at-home use that will tell you what AKC-registered breeds have come together to create your furry friend. It’s called the Wisdom Panel MX Mixed-Breed Dog DNA Test, and you can purchase it online or in select stores.

I'm a dog, you're a dog

I'm a dog, you're a dog

I can’t say it’s not a little tempting. In the grand scheme of things, though, they are just my two wonderful dogs, and $124.99 would buy a lot of treats. If anyone wants to know, I am the proud owner of the most fabulous mutts on the block.


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One Response to “Aww, a Chocolate Lab! Wait…”

  1. Puppy dog Says:

    I am a chocolate lab mix too! My Mama and Dada aren’t sure what’s in me – I was a gift from the pound.

    When my fur is wet, it looks a bit curly.

    I LOVE the water.

    Maybe I am part Chessie too!

    Everyone who meets me has all sorts of theories about who my ancestor dogs might be. Some say Chessie, some say Pit (I can fit three tennis balls in my mouth), some say Chow (my tail has a little curl on the end – Mama calls it my Dr Seuss tail).

    I love chasing tennis balls and squirrels and I HATE cats!

    I have lots of fun with my Mama and Dada!

    You can read all about me – and see what I look like – on my blog (I write it myself!):

    Lots of licks and woofs,

    Puppy dog

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